Petition on German Concentration Camps

WHEREAS the media uses the historically erroneous terms "Polish concentration camp" and "Polish death camp" to describe Auschwitz and other Nazi extermination camps built by the Germans during World War II, which confuses impressionable and undereducated readers, leading them to believe that the Holocaust was executed by Poland, rather than Nazi Germany,

WHEREAS these phrases are Holocaust revisionism that desecrate the memories of six million Jews from 27 countries who were murdered by Nazi Germany,

WHEREAS Poland was the first country invaded by Germany, and the only country whose citizens suffered the death penalty for rescuing Jews, yet never surrendered during six years of German occupation, even though one-sixth of its population was killed in the war, approximately half of which was Christian,

WHEREAS educated journalists must know these facts and not cross the libel threshold of malice by using phrases such as "Polish concentration camps,"

WHEREAS The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Yahoo! Inc., and The Associated Press have changed their style guides prohibiting the use of the phrase "Polish concentration camps,"

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the undersigned request that all news outlets include entries in their stylebooks requiring news stories to be historically accurate, using the official name of all "German concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Poland," as UNESCO did in 2007 when it named the camp in Auschwitz, "The Auschwitz-Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945)."


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Kinga Perszke, Individual
Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Alicja Ciuńczy, Individual
Przemysław Malinowski, Individual
Sulejowek, Poland
Andrzej Borowiak, Individual
Krasne Lasocice Polska
Jakub Pilarski, Institute of Internation Relations, Uniwersity of Warsaw
Ewa Puszkiewicz, Individual
Szczecin, Poland
Monika Mioduszewska, Individual
Hubert Dudkiewicz, Individual
Kraków, Poland
Aleksandra Fuchs, Individual
Filip Benn, Individual
Przemysław Mikołajczyk, Stowarzyszenie Praworządny Sulechów
Sulechów, Polska
Grzelczyk Marcin, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Barbara Danecka, Individual
Cracow, Poland
Aleksandra Madejak, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Lidia Grzelczak, Individual
Gorzów Wlkp.,Poland
Agata Frejnik, Individual
Kutno, Poland
Wojciech Mierzwa, Individual
Jurva, Finland
Hanna Madejak, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Marta Bryk, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Krzysztof Rybak, Individual
Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland
Kazimierz NapierajWestern Australia, Individual
Western Australia
Izabela, Individual
Bydgoszcz Polska
Lucyna Poloczanska, Individual
Władysław Madejak, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Karolina Kaszuba, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Agata Wojtowicz, Individual
Tarnów, Polska
Ewa Kolasińska, Individual
Katarzyna Kosior, Individual
Iwaszczuk Pawel, Individual
Kraków, Poland
Krystian Majewski, Individual
Poland, Lublin
Marek Zyśko, Individual
Tarnobrzeg, Poland
Jadwiga Napieraj, Individual
Western Australia
Katarzyna Jakubowska, Individual
Cracow, Poland
Hanna Abgarowicz, Individual
Warszawa Polska
Ewelina Zdebska, Individual
Anna Magdalena Wołek, Individual
Kamila Franczak, Individual
Wrocław Poland
Czesław Bożek, Individual
zielonka Poland
Michał Kardas, Małopolscy Patrioci
Kraków Poland
Jacek Gramatyka, Individual
Poznań Poland
Marcin Sielski, Individual
Poznań, Poland
Ewa Sroczyńska, Individual
Lublin, Polska
Daniel Pawlak, Individual
Łódź, Poland
Katarzyna Kresa, Individual
Stoczek, Poland
wioleta lipinska, Individual
warszawa poland
Przemysław Kempczyński, Individual
Aleksandra Sucherska, Individual
Ziemowit Rutkowski, Individual
Gracjana Ksiazczyk, Individual
Elce, Spain
Aleksandra, Individual
Cieszyn, Poland
Ola Dzięgielewska, Individual
Przemysław Kopański, Individual
Daniel Wolinski, Individual
Hackettstown, NJ
Paweł Walkowiak, Individual
Kraków, Poland
Joanna Chmielinska Ph.D., Individual
Herndon, VA USA
Aleksandra Szukała-Woźniak, Individual
Adrianna Składanek, Individual
Przemysław Wróblewski, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Sue, Lady Kilbracken, Individual
Killegar, Ireland
Grażyna Chomiuk, Individual
Marcin Sosabczyk, Individual
Michał Wawrzyniak, Individual
Martyna Stefańska, Individual
Łódź, Poland
Anna Maćkula, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Patrycja Boboryko, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Jan Ksiazek, Individual
Piotrkow Trybunalski Poland
Maria Kulawik-Miczajka, Individual
Rybnik - Polska
Marta Nocon, Individual
Rochester, NY
Barczyk Agnieszka, Individual
Wiktor De Witte, Individual
Kinga Kwiatkowska, Individual
Marcin Zalewski, Individual
Pulawy / Poland
Ewa Piwowarczyk, Individual
Poland, Wadowice
Ewa Karwowska, Individual
Izabela Grzechnik, Individual
Warszawa, Poland
Monika Kozakiewicz, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Dybich Jerzy , Individual
sylwester karwowski, Individual
Justyna Zalewski, Individual
Pulawy / Poland
Karol Czuchwicki, Individual
Magdalena Jamka, Individual
Warszawa, Poland
Katarzyna Stańczyk, Individual
Filip Piwowarczyk, Individual
Kraków, Poland
Bartosz Gruszczyński, Individual
Warszawa, Polska
Ewa Miniewicz, Individual
Poland, Dziekanów Leśny
Joanna Mazur, Individual
Tomasz Maliński, Individual
Biała Podlaska, Poland
Slawomir Marszalowicz, Individual
Stalowa Wola, Poland
malgorzata karwowska, Individual
Juliusz C. Chojnacki, Individual
Szczecin, Polska
Adam Balasiński, Individual
Warszawa, Polska
Karol Sawicki, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Magdalena Wrona, Individual
Tarnów, Poland
Roksana Anna Hajduga, Individual
Cracow, Poland
Aleksandra Łojko, Individual
Olsztyn, Polska
Jarosław Mackiewicz, Individual
Katowice, Poland
Sandra Steinmetz, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Tomasz Kryszak, Individual
Poland, Gdańsk
Zuzanna Janowicz, Individual
Janina Nejczyk, Individual
Pobiedziska, Poland
Katarzyna Pasierb, Individual
Klimczak Waclawa, Individual
Chicago IL USA
Hanka Kaźmirek, Individual
Katarzyna Kulikowska, Individual
Aberdeen, Scotland
Paweł Wilkoszarski, Individual
Poznan, Poland
Magdalena Żmuda, Individual
Alicja Pacułt, Individual
Jordanów Śląski, Poland
Marcin Sobczak, Individual
Gdynia Poland
Peter P. Wazbinski, Eng. Technologist
Cezary Bzdyla, Individual
Dzierżoniów - Polska
Hanna Kaczanowska, Individual
Poznań Poland
Izabela Piętka, Individual
Polska, Warszawa
Anna Rosiak, Individual
Nałęczów, Poland
Rafał Piotrowski, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Anna Michalska, Individual
Irena Kaczanowska, Individual
Poznań Poland
Jolanta Gorąca, Individual
Czastary, Poland
Bartosz Płaszewski, Individual
Anna Makowska, Individual
Poland, Warsaw
Anna Przedmojska-Glinska, Individual
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