Marcella Sembrich Memorial Voice Scholarship Competition

2014 Winners!

1st Prize - Szymon Komasa, baritone

2nd Prize - Julia Lima, soprano

3rd Prize - Tatiana Poletskaya, soprano

A thank you to our jury: Charles Kellis (Juilliard), Lenore Rosenberg (Metropolitan Opera), Michael Benchetrit (Columbia Artists Management) and advisor, Malgorzata Kellis.

Thank you to all who participated. 

Stay tuned for information regarding

our next competition!


Sembrich 2014 Flyer


The Kosciuszko Foundation's Sembrich Voice Competition will take place on April 5th and 6th, 2014. 

The Competition honors the great Polish soprano Marcella Kochanska Sembrich, who made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1883. After an enormously successful career, the popular singer founded the vocal programs at both the Juilliard School and the Curtis Institute. Previous winners of the competition include Barbara Hendricks and Jan Opalach.

Required Repertoire for preliminary on SATURDAY, APRIL 5, 2014: Those who are accepted as contestants will be notified by the end of March 2014. They will then be required to submit a program for the preliminary.


1 18th century aria (Bach/Handel to Mozart)

1 operatic aria of your choice

1 song by Stanislaw Moniuszko*

1 19th century romantic selection



1 19th century operatic aria

1 20th century operatic aria

1 20th century Polish song*

1 one additional song from any 20th century repertoire

*You can find suggested repertoire and sources for the Polish and Moniuszko songs in various languages below.

Application - PDF


ADDITIONAL MATERIALS (Click on title to open)

Moniuszko in Other Languages:

1. Piesn wieczorna - in French, Russian -Soprano/ Mezzosoprano/Tenor

2. Zosia - in French, Russian - Soprano/ Mezzosoprano

3. Kozak - in French, German, and Russian - Tenor/Baritone

4. Sen - in German - Tenor/Baritone

5. Sen (Le Songe) - in French - Mezzosoprano/Soprano

6. Sloneczko - in French, Russian - all voices

7. Wyjazd na wojnę - in Russian - all voices

8. Znasz-li ten kraj - in French - Tenor

9. Latem brzózka mała - in French - Soprano/Tenor

10. Kotek - in French- Soprano/Tenor

11. Krakowiaczek - in French - Tenor/Baritone

12. Nawrócona - in French - Tenor

13. Pieszczotka- in German - Baritone/Tenor

14. Pellegrina rondinella - in Italian - Mezzosoprano

Mieczysław Karłowicz (in Polish and German):

1. Zasmuconej /Der Betrübten Op.1 Nr 5 - Tenor/Baritone

2. Na śniegu /Auf dem Schnee Op.1 Nr 3 - Soprano

3. Zawód / Die Täuschung  Op.1 Nr 4 - Tenor/Baritone

4. Pamiętam ciche, jasne, złote dnie.../ Ich denk' an Tage süß... Op.1 Nr 5 - Tenor/Soprano

5. Smutną jest dusza moja.../ Mein Herz verzagt... Op. 1 Nr 6 - Baritone

Ignacy Jan Paderewski:

1. Nad wodą wielką i czystą / By waters mighty and crystal Op.18 Nr 4 - in Polish, English - Tenor/Soprano

2. Dans la forèt Op. 22 Nr 1 - in French - all voices

3. Ton coeur est d'or pur Op.22 Nr 2 - in French - all voices

4. Le ciel est très bas - Op.22 Nr 3 - in French - all voices

Karol Szymanowski:

1. Życzenia/Wünsche   Op.24 Nr 1 - in Polish, German - Soprano/ Mezzosoprano/ Tenor

2. Słowik/Le rossignol/Die Nachtigall    Op.31 Nr 2 - in Polish, French, and German - Soprano

Witold Lutoslawski (in Polish and English):

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