Teaching English in Poland Program

Below are several videos which gives the reader a sense of the activities and rhythm of the camps. Please scroll down for a description of the program curricula and a listing of the 2016 camps.

Arts Enriched English Language Camp in Załęcze Wielkie 2015

English Language American Culture Camp Załęcze Wielkie 2015

Highlights of the 2014 Teaching English in Poland Program

Teaching English in Poland Program- Barlewiczki Camp  2012


APPLICATION DEADLINE- Extended until February 29, 2016

The Kosciuszko Foundation invites American teachers of all subject areas and levels, American college/university students, and American high school students who are at least eighteen years of age prior to the start of the camp, to apply for participation in a unique three or four-week educational and cultural exchange program in Poland. We also encourage Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and pre-service educators to apply. Applicants need not speak Polish or have Polish ancestry to apply to participate in the Teaching English in Poland Program.

Children under the age of eighteen are welcome to join a parent, guardian or relative as a "peer tutor." Please complete an application for each child. The Polish Director will determine the fee for the camp and tour for those children who attend the camp as a "peer tutor." Acceptance of underage applicants is at the discretion of the Polish Director and American staff leader.


Description of the Program 

The Teaching English in Poland Program (TEIP) is currently organized and conducted by The Kościuszko Foundation with the endorsement of The Polish National Commission for UNESCO. Active financial support for the program is under the auspices of local foundations and non-profit organizations in the locale of the camps. 

There are two basic curricula for (TEIP): English Language - American Culture Camp and the Arts Enriched English Language Camp.

        I. English Language- American Culture Camp

The English Language -American Culture Camp provides elementary,middle, and high school Polish students with instruction and practice in conversational English within an American cultural context.

      II. Arts Enriched English Language Camp

The Arts Enriched English Language Camp presents a rare opportunity for Polish students (upper elementary through high school) to experience a curriculum focused on the Arts: visual, auditory, performance, and literary with classes conducted in the English language.

2016 Camps

Please refer to the Calendar 2016 section on the sidebar for a description and schedule for each camp. Check the dates carefully prior to making your choice on the online application. The camps will be held in the following cities:



                        MIŃSK MAZOWIECKI


                   ZAŁĘCZE WIELKIE






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