Philadelphia - Youth Leadership Conference, American Council for Polish Culture

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Kosciuszko Foundation is pleased to sponsor one student from the Philadelphia region to participate in the American Council for Polish Culture's (ACPC) Youth Leadership Conference. During a week-long conference in our nation's capital, the ACPC annually offers youth of Polish descent an intensive, "up close" examination of the people and processes involved in national and international government and public service.

Through the perspectives of current leaders (many of whom are Polish American), students are educated in the basics of becoming participants in American civic life at leadership levels. The Youth Leadership Conference provides a unique opportunity for participants to become acquainted first hand with the people, places, processes, training and possibilities involved in national leadership, public service and related sectors. Special topics include: international business, foreign affairs, network journalism, non-profit and special interest sectors, Polish-American and East Central European relations.

Applicants for the Philadelphia Chapter's scholarship must meet the eligibility criteria established by the ACPC and listed on their website ( ). These include being of Polish descent and between 17 and 26 years of age.

To apply for the scholarship, students should provide the admission materials listed at the website: (1) a completed and signed application form; (2) a resume; (3) two letters of recommendation; (4) a release form (signed by a parent or guardian for applicants under the age of 21). Additionally, applicants should prepare a brief essay of no more than 250 words describing how they expect to benefit from participation in the Youth Leadership Conference.

To facilitate the Chapter's consideration of the application materials, applicants are also requested to send electronic versions (Word or pdf documents) of their essays and resumes, and also the information covered by the application form, to: Hard copies of these materials will also be required.

The deadline for applications will be set when the ACPC announces the deadline for application to the YLC. Please note that the Chapter deadline for scholarship applications will be set a few weeks in advance of the ACPC deadline, typically late in April. This will ensure that the Chapter has adequate time to consider all applications. The Chapter can forward to ACPC materials from applicants not selected for the scholarship who still wish to participate at their own expense.

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