Philadelphia - Membership

Individuals who become members of The Kosciuszko Foundation automatically become members of the Philadelphia Chapter as well if they reside in our geographical area.

However, it is advisable to note on your application that you wish to join the Philadelphia Chapter. It is also important that after you join you send us an email letting us know of you joining our Chapter at:

National membership plays a key role in fulfilling the Kosciuszko Foundation's ongoing mission of promoting Polish education and culture. With public support from individuals, foundations, and corporations, the Foundation has flourished into one of the oldest and most highly regarded organizations of its kind today. Regional Chapters including Chicago, New England, Northeast Ohio, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountain, Texas, and Western New York allow us to promote the Foundation's mission locally based on regional interests. Foundation members enjoy a variety of benefits including a subscription to our Newsletter; advanced notices by mail and e-mail of events held at the Foundation and elsewhere; invitations to special events and receptions; invitation to Members Day and the Annual Benefit Dinner and Ball; and a discount on the Kosciuszko Foundation's New English-Polish, Polish-English Dictionary and CD-ROM, on the rental of the Foundation House, and at the Polish American Bookstore.

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