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May 13, 2017



April 6, 2017


In observance of The Bicentenary of The Death of Thaddeus Kosciuszko The Kosciuszko Foundation and The Polish American Teachers Association are pleased to announce



Celebrating the Life and Accomplishments of Thaddeus Kosciuszko Fighter for Democracy



Eligibility:  Open to students currently attending high schools in the United States.  Contestants must attest that the essay submitted is their own work. 

Theme/Content:  The Bicentenary of Thaddeus Kosciuszko commemorates the anniversary of this hero's death on October 15, 1817. This competition gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the life of Thaddeus Kosciuszko, the times in which he lived, and the fascinating people with whom he had contacts; to appreciate his accomplishments; and to creatively express your knowledge, thoughts, and impressions of your encounter with this great patriot.  You are encouraged to be creative, reflective, insightful, personal, and global but at the same time, you must maintain historical accuracy in your presentation.  The options are left open for you to develop your individual approach. 

Title:  Each contestant will provide an appropriate title corresponding to the content and development of the essay. 

Length:  Approximately 1,000 words: typewritten and double spaced. 

Resources:  May include material researched in printed matter, interviews, films, tapes, places where he lived and worked, personal experiences with presentations about Thaddeus Kosciuszko etc.  Published resources quoted or used must be identified within the text or in a bibliography and footnoted. 

Competence in the following areas:

  •    knowledge of subject
  •    historical accuracy
  •    thematic coherence
  •    creativity/originality in approach
  •    organization (introduction, development, and conclusion)
  •    grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation



   First Place $500.

   Second Place $300.

   Third Place $200.

Winners will be notified in September and will be informed of the date, time, and place of the award ceremony.

Submittal of Entries:  Each essay must have a cover sheet which includes: the participant's name; address; telephone number; e-mail address (if applicable); birth date; age; name of school; present year of study; and name of faculty adviser (if applicable).  Personal identification of the contestant must not appear in the text of the essay nor on any pages of the essay.  The student must include the following statement: "I attest that the essay submitted by me to the Kosciuszko Foundation - PATA Essay Competition is my own work."  The student must sign his or her name and write the date under the statement. 

Entries must be sent to:

        The Kosciuszko Foundation/PATA

        Essay Competition

        15 East 65 Street

        New York, NY 10065-6501

Deadline:  Entries must be postmarked no later than June 5, 2017.

All entries become the property of the Kosciuszko Foundation and the Polish American Teachers Association. 

If you have more questions, please send them to Bernadette O'Keefe bokyy@aol.com, or Helen Lesnik Mistak helcialm@aol.com.

Please attach the cover form to your essay - download pdf version 


February 16, 2017


Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship Recipients – Pittsburgh Chapter Area

Drs. James and Wanda Trefil Science Scholarship Fund

Cwalina, Caroline of Sewickley, PA – for junior year of undergraduate studies in Biochemistry at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. $5,000


Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarship Recipients – Pittsburgh Chapter Area

Kohan, Justin of Boston, MA – for first year of graduate studies in Trumpet Performance at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. $5,000

O'Rourke, Andrew of Studio City, CA – for second year of graduate studies in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. $4,500


Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarships

Herold, Emily of Belle Vernon, PA – junior majoring in Pharmacy at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarship, Session A, $1,925

Szelest, Michael of Acton, MA – freshman majoring in Engineering at University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarship, Session B, $1,250


February 14, 2017

The Tomaszkieiwicz-Florio Scholarship call for applications

The following materials are required for the Tomaszkieiwicz-Florio Scholarship: 
  1. application form 
  2. two letters of recommendation from teachers/professors
  3. transcripts (3 years through Summer 2016)
  4. an essay/statement of purpose 
  5. financial information form 
Applicants must be of Polish descent. Ranking will be based on all the required documents.  If two candidates whose applications are head to head, our donors prefer that the award be made to a candidate who has never been to Poland. 
For the purpose of this scholarship, the student's school/university location will be used to determine where he/she should send application materials.
Local residents/students will send all materials to Mary Louise Ellena at mlew2929@gmail.com.  
Press release


September 22, 2016

Pictures from our Luncheon and Polonian of the Year with Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

Polonian of the Year 2016

Polonian of the Year 2016

Polonian of the Year 2016

Polonian of the Year 2016


September 20, 2016

Dear Kosciuszko Foundation Members,

As the term of our President comes to an end in November, the Board of Trustees wants your help as we search for a new leader to continue growing the Kosciuszko Foundation.

For more information please click here


August 15, 2016

The Pittsburgh Chapter of the Kosciuszko Foundation will present its annual Outstanding Polonian Award to Carnegie-Mellon Professor Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, PhD at a luncheon to be held Saturday, September 17, 2016.

Press release


August 13, 2016

At the recent ACPC Convention in Pittsburgh, Kosciuszko Chapter President Mary Lou Ellena presented an overview of the making of Polish Hill Remembered, the definitive study of this Polish enclave in Pittsburgh written by the students of Hampton High School. She explained how a similar project could be used to preserve Polish heritage in different regions of our country.  Copies of Polish Hill Remembered with DVD were available for purchase.


August 13, 2016

This article on Kosciuszko is an outgrowth of our involvement in the parade:



July 9, 2016

The Pittsburgh Chapter of Kosciuszko Foundation in the Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade


July 7, 2016

The Pittsburgh Chapter has a limited number of copies of Polish Hill Remembered with DVD available for purchaseThis definitive study of one of Pittsburgh's former premier ethnic enclaves written by chapter president Mary Lou Ellena with her students from Hampton High School intersperses stories, factoids, recipes, and photos, chronicling the story of Poles in Pittsburgh. Available in limited quantities, the book with shipping and handling is $25. Please make checks or money orders payable to the Kosciuszko Foundation, Pittsburgh Chapter, and  send to

The Kosciuszko Foundation
Mary Lou Ellena
P.O. Box 258
Gibsonia, PA  15044

Do not delay.  Copies are limited.  Over 5000 copies have been sold already.


April 11, 2016

Well, spring may not be here just yet, but it's not too soon to get those cobwebs out of your system and "shake it up" a bit.

To help you along here is a fun video clip produced by the young folks from the town of Lubiniec, Poland.

When you watch the video, get up out of your chair, turn the sound up, do as instructed and ... "Shake It Up!".

And you'll be all ready for a fun Spring!




March 30, 2016

Dear Member of the Kosciuszko Foundation , Pittsburgh Chapter:

Exciting things are happening in Pittsburgh!  Our chapter is reorganizing!

Here are a few key updates:

·      We have a new slate of officers. Please see the ballot at the bottom of this sheet and either return it to us electronically  (mlellena@glconcepts.net) or via the mail in the envelope provided.

·      SAVE  THE DATE:  POLONIAN OF THE YEAR LUNCHEON – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 at the DOUBLETREE HOTEL in Greentree.  The honoree is CMU  Chemistry Professor Krzysztof  Matyjaszewski. Details will be forthcoming.

·      Check the Pittsburgh link on the KF Website for chapter updates: http://www.thekf.org   We will be assisting with the ACPC meeting in Pittsburgh in July, have plans for a book group, etc.  Stay tuned!

·      Our Chapter is selling Oscar Swan's new book,  Kaleidoscope of Poland: A Cultural Encyclopedia" (University of Pittsburgh Press) through the website for $30 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling.  This wonderful book is a must have for anyone Polish.  Proceeds will benefit our scholarship fund.  Consider purchasing one for yourself  and one for a gift.  See the website for  purchasing details.


February 17, 2016

Things are changing in Pittsburgh. Soon the Pittsburgh Chapter of Kosciuszko will have a new slate of officers and new Board members.

Stay tuned: exciting programs and events are on the horizon.    

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