Kosciuszko Foundation in Washington DC - KF House

The Kosciuszko Foundation in Washington, DC now offers its historic venue for your next social affair!

The beautiful Victorian townhouse at the heart of Washington D.C. – the headquarters of the Kosciuszko Foundation - offers a unique and elegant setting for a wide range of social functions. Located in the historic Dupont Circle area, the townhouse offers three stylish rooms suitable for cocktail parties, musical events, receptions, seminars and formal gatherings.  The Victorian architecture and antique furnishings give the townhouse a distinctive character, making it the ideal setting for events ranging from elegant dinner parties to photo shoots.

The French artist and architect Louis D. Meline, known for designing the surrounding rowhouses and mansions in the Dupont area, constructed the townhouse in the late 19th century in the traditional Victorian manner.  Refined taste and ornate decoration characterize the highly stylized decor in the building's interior. The wood paneled floors and historic paintings that line the walls give the rooms a vintage, authentic ambiance, making a remarkable impression within the stylish but comfortable chambers.  Notable residents of the townhouse have included Colombian ambassador Climaco Calderon Reyes, the eighth librarian of the Library of Congress Herbert Putnum, and the famous artist Eliot O'Hara.

The space available for rent includes three rooms, comprising a total of approximately 750 square feet.  A concert room with a grand piano, a fireplace, and a large bay window overlooking the street, is perfect for a musical performance or recital. There is also a reception room and a sizable dining room, featuring a stylish interior design and ornate fireplaces, ideal for hosting a formal dinner or banquet. 

The space is available for rent during the week as well as on weekends.  For additional information or to schedule an appointment please contact Marta Gongora at 202-785-2320 or email mgongora@thekf.org

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