Dr. John Micgiel New President of the KF

Dr. John Micgiel New President of the KF

The Board of Directors of the Kosciuszko Foundation announced at its semi-annual meeting on April 25, 2014 the election of its seventh President, Dr. John S. Micgiel of Columbia University.  Professor Micgiel taught for twenty-five years at the University's School of International and Public Affairs, where for many years he directed the Institute on East Central Europe, the East European, Russian, and Eurasian National Resource Center, and several other Institutes and Centers.  He is on the faculty of Warsaw University's Eastern Studies Center and the Estonian School of Diplomacy in Tallinn.  Professor Micgiel was instrumental in organizing the campaign to raise an endowment, now valued at $5.2 million for a newly-filled Professorship in Polish Studies in Columbia University's History Department.

Outgoing President of the Kosciuszko Foundation, Mr. Alex Storozynski, commented that "Dr. John Micgiel is the perfect choice to be the next President of the Kosciuszko Foundation. John's knowledge of Polish history and culture, his decades long connection to the Foundation, and his success in establishing the chair of Polish Studies at Columbia University are just some of the examples of his proven track record for success. John Micgiel will be a fantastic President."

Dr. Micgiel and Alex

Micgiel has been recognized by the Governments of Poland and Romania for his work on behalf of educational exchange and cooperation, and has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and scholarships awarded by various institutions including the Kosciuszko Foundation.   Assistant to late President Eugene Kusielewicz, long-time member of PIASA, with 23 years' service on the Board of the Pilsudski Institute, member of various scholarship committees including those of the Polish Student Organization and the Polish Slavic Federal Credit Union, Dr. Micgiel maintains an outstanding record of service to the Polish-American community and to Poland.


The Kosciuszko Foundation is dedicated to promote educational and cultural exchanges between the United States and Poland and to increase American understanding of Polish culture and history.

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