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Transatlantic World through Polish and American Eyes - similarities and differences of perspectives - A talk by Prof. Bohdan Szklarski

Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at 7:30pm


As the Polish-American diplomatic relations reached its centennial in 2019 and strategic partnership between both countries seems to be stronger than ever, questions remain open on the extent of convergence of interests between Washington and Warsaw. Political scientist and expert on the Polish-American relations, Professor Bohdan Szklarski of the University of Warsaw will elaborate on the political, economic, cultural, environmental and security cooperation between Poland and the USA as viewed from the perspective of each country.


Transatlantic World through Polish and American Eyes

- Similarities and Differences of Perspectives

- A talk by Prof. Bohdan Szklarski


Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 7:30 PM

The Kosciuszko Foundation: 15 E 65th Street, New York, NY 10065


Free and open to the public. In lieu of admission, a $10 donation to the Kosciuszko Foundation is appreciated. 



The time when the Atlantic was a body of friendly waters joining two continents is gone. Make no mistake, it is not the last three years that have brought a drift towards separation between Europe and USA. While the distance from Paris to Washington seems to have grown by thousands of miles. there are countries like Poland, which seem to disregard or at least downplay the drift-apart tendency and keep seeing the Atlantic as a small lake. Each perspective has solid as well as imagined grounds. The purpose of this talk is to discern the extent to which the relations across the Atlantic still evolve around commitments of the heart (as Poland would see them) or are they becoming based primarily on the rational calculation of interest (as the concerned skeptics have it). This eternal conflict of the reason and the heart reveals two perspectives on the Trans-Atlantic World in the 21st century. How opposite? How compatible? Come to the talk to find out and share your thoughts on it.


Bohdan Szklarski, Professor of Political Science at the University of Warsaw, a specialist in the field of studies on democracy, political leadership and political culture; currently, a Visiting Professor at the University of South Carolina, KF grant recipient.

Prof. Szklarski served as a Head of American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw in 2012-2016 and of Department of Political Science at Collegium Civitas in 1997-2007 where he also lectured. Graduate and lecturer of numerous American and Polish universities. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Alcala, Madrid; Torino University; Paris Diderot University; University of Athens; Kyongpook University Daegu, South Korea; Notre Dame University; Boston College; Northeastern University; City University of New York; University of Louisville; University of Kentucky. Co-founder and Head of Leadership Research Laboratory at the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw. Author of several books, over 50 articles and chapters in scientific papers. One of his many publications is Symbolic leadership: between governance and representation. American Presidency at the end of the 20th century (2006). Professionally he is interested in the subject of political leadership, political communication, political culture, political anthropology and American internal and foreign policy. He often appears in the media as an expert on current political events in Poland and in the world.

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