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Thursday, May 20, 2010, at 7:00pm

"Karski" made its international debut in Wroclaw, Poland, in August 2009

Jan Karski (Kozielewski) joined the Polish Underground Army at the outset of the German occupation of his country. He served as a courier between the Polish government in exile in London and underground groups in Poland. One of his missions: to find out what was happening to the disappearing Jews in Poland. With breathtaking courage and subterfuge, he smuggled himself into the Warsaw ghetto, and later (in a borrowed Ukrainian guard's uniform) into the Belzec extermination camp in Eastern Poland. He then made the perilous journey across Nazi-occupied Europe to England and to the U.S. to report first-hand to Western leaders the horrifying events he had witnessed. His reports were generally regarded with disbelief as being too outrageous to be true. He remained in the U.S., ultimately teaching at Georgetown University for several decades until his death in 2000.


The cast includes: Mark S. Cartier, John Davin, Barbara Guertin, Susan Nest, Dawn Tucker, and Lewis D. Wheeler. Lewis portrays Jan Karski

"Karski" is simply extraordinary. I hope many others will have the opportunity to see it. -   Michael True, Professor Emeritus, Assumption College

"Riveting...Marc P. Smith is a man with a moral artistic purpose...It's an important work." Telegram & Gazette


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