Petition on Kosciuszko House

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that President Trump's cuts will shutter the National Kosciuszko Museum. This is where Kosciuszko met with Thomas Jefferson and others to discuss ending slavery, the future of America's military and other issues.

We ask President Trump to reverse his budget decision to close the Tadeusz Kosciuszko museum in Philadelphia. UNESCO has declared 2017 the "Year of Kosciuszko" because he is a worldwide hero.

During the American Revolution, Kosciuszko devised the strategy that won the Battle of Saratoga, the turning point of the war. He also designed and built Fortress West Point, and despite Benedict Arnold's attempt to sell these plans to the British, Kosciuszko prevailed and persuaded Thomas Jefferson to turn the Fortress into the United States Military Academy.

Kosciuszko fought for the rights of Americans, European-Serfs, African-Slaves, Jews, Native-Americans, Women and all who were disenfranchised. His vision of liberty for all is not one that can be shuttered by budget cuts. Instead, Kosciuszko's story should be taught in American schools.

That is why we the undersigned ask President Trump to restore these cuts to the museum.


2535 Signatures

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Patricia Koproski, Individual
Stamford, CT
Anna Kordylewska, Individual
Anna Kordylewska Ph.D., Vice-Chair of the Board, The Kosciuszko Foundation
Chicago IL
Barbara Mirecki, Individual
Hubert Raglan, Individual
Washington DC
Eva Rubinstein, Individual
New York City
tomasz magierski, Individual
New York
Martin Kozon, Individual
Milwaukee, WI
Yael Danieli, Individual
New York, NY
Bartlomiej Olko, Individual
Brooklyn, NY
Barbara Nowak, 1950
Ryszard Stroynowski, Individual
Dallas, Texas
Ralph F. Jozefowicz, MD, Individual
Rochester, NY
Marek Kwiecien, Individual
Harwood Heights,IL 60706
Sonja Sheasley, Individual
Mashpee, Massachusetts
Piotr Gorecki, Professor, University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA, USA
Barbara Varanka, Individual
Natick, MA
Marcin Jackowski, Individual
Chicago Illinois
Joan Terciak, Individual
Edwin P. Jakubowski, Individual
Cold Spring Harbor NY United States
Teagan Wolter, Individual
Chicago, IL
Arie A. Galles, Individual
Laguna Niguel, CA
George Hayward, Individual
Rockford, IL
Bogna Nasilowska, Individual
New york
Dr. Patrice M. Dabrowski, historian of Poland
Boston, MA
J.Daniel Mrozek, Individual
St.Augustine, FL.
Susan Lapinski, Individual
New York, NY
Martin Kasuk, Individual
Prague, Czech republic
Dr. Krzysztof K. Biernacki , Professor of Music University of North Florida
Jacksonville, FL
Andrzej Lubowski, Individual
Foster City
Sławomir Jochym, Individual
New York
Margaret Duszyk, Individual
Wallingford, PA
Leonard Roginski , Individual
Amsterdam New York 12010
Andrzej T Triebling MD, Individual
Denver, Colorado
Andrew Madejczyk, 1963
Brooklyn NY
krystyna chien, Mrs.
Dr. Richard Kuczkowski, Individual
Valley Cottage, NY
Stanley Pycior, Professor of History, Mount Saint Mary College
Newburgh, NY
john chien, Mr.
S. Michal Jazwinski, Individual
New Orleans, LA USA
JoAnn Klepadlo , Individual
Ny, ny
Marius Olszewski, Individual
Greenwich, CT 06830
Helen Szterenfeld, Individual
Brooklyn, New York
Jan Letowski, Individual
Pittsburgh, PA
Donna Marie Stepien, Individual
Buffalo, New York USA
Paul T. Sabaj, Esquire, Sabaj Law Firm
New York, NY
Piotr Horoszowski, Individual
Issaquah, King
John Patrick Janowski, .D. Candidate, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Mayo Clinic Residency Class of 2021
Bronx, NY
Kamil Dmowski, Individual
Philadelphia, PA
Marc R. Wezowski, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP
Malgorzata Mroz, Individual
Ann Arbor, MI
anna olekszyk, 1947
monterey park, CA
Dr. Tomasz Bakowski, Individual
Brooklyn, NY
Henry Walentowicz, Individual
Clifton, New Jersey
Laura Kozek, Individual
Cambridge, MA
vitold chrzanowski, Individual
washington dc
Tiffany Senkow, Individual
St. Paul, Minnesota
Frederick Czulada, Chairman, Pulaski Parade Committee
New York, USA
Dr. Wojciech L. Golik, President of the Missouri Division of the Polish American Congress
St. Louis, MO
Piotr Marszalek, Individual
Durham, North Carolina
Robert Debski, Lecturer
Jagiellonian University
Dr Joseph Setter, Individual
Bloomington, IL
anna lewicka-johnson, Individual
James L. Nałęcz-Ławicki II, President, Polish American Congress, Western New York Division
Buffalo, NY
Dr. Marta Bedkowska-Reilly, Individual
New York, NY
Czeslaw Kwasnik , Individual
Mount Prospect,IL
Tadeusz Ciecierski, Individual
Warsaw, Poland
Piotr Kaminski, Individual
Tannersville Pa
Krystyna Bladek, Individual
Clifton, New Jersey 07013
Tomasz Mróz, Individual
Zielona Góra, Poland
Jack Pinkowski, Individual
Cooper City, FL
Kamilla Milewski, Individual
Wrightstown, New Jersey
Christopher Olechowski, President & CEO of PSC Community Services and PSC Community Support Servcies, dba Blue Parasol
Long Island City, NY
Irene C Cody, Individual
Barbara Bernhardt, Director of Kosciuszko Foundation Washington DC Office
Washington, DC
Othilla Wlodarczyk, Individual
New York City
Weronika Ciechowska-Weiss, Individual
New York, USA
Barbara Malahoff, Individual
New York
Charles Levit, Individual
Edward Jaworski, President, Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Assn.
Brooklyn, NY
Katarzyna Solarz, Individual
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Hanna Paczynska, Individual
Princeton, NJ 08540
JOSEPH A. GARVIN, Individual
Leon Plocha, Individual
Christine Lesinski, Individual
Randolph, Vermont
Marek Denisiuk, Individual
Lincoln Park, NJ
Peter J. Obst, Poles in America Foundation
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Henry W. Kozlowski, Individual
West Seneca, Erie County, New York
George W. Kielak, Individual
Las Vegas NV
Zbigniew Solarz, Individual
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Antony Polonsky, Chief Historian, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews
Warsaw, Poland
Anthony Lorenc, Individual
East Stroudsburg, PA
Konrad Kubicki, Individual
Chicago, IL
Mark Niziol, Individual
Jersey City, NJ
Violetta Kuzniar, Individual
Hamtramck, MI
Elizabeth Elias, Individual
Stephen Migo, Individual
Urszula Solarz, Individual
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Edward Jagusiak , Individual
Morganville NJ US
Gregory Kolinski, President of GVK-IBES.Co.Inc.
Beata Simonetti , Individual
New York City
Rafal Stobiecki , Individual
Gabriela Godlewski, Individual
New York, NY
Martin Jasinski, Individual
New York, NY
Anna Zalewski, Individual
Vienna, VA
Dr. Wojciech A. Swat, Individual
St. Louis, MO
Mary Lou T. Wyrobek, Individual
Cheektowaga, NY 14227
Melvin H. Czechowski, Ph.D., Individual
Charlevoix, MI
Natalia Solelcito, Individual
Jersey City, NJ
Agnieszka Gerwel, Individual
Franklin Park, NJ
Mary L Kielak, Individual
Las Vegas NV
Kathy Grabel, Individual
Toledo, Ohio
Anthony Madejczyk, Individual
Durham, NC
Pawel Kanas, Individual
Wading River, NY, US
Gabe Rutkowski, Individual
Somers NY USA
Hanna Hartowicz, The New York Polish Film Festival
New York, NY
Regina Grol, Individual
Buffalo, NY
Joanna Gwozdziowski, Individual
Stamford, Ct
12 ... 10 21
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