New KF American English - Polish Dictionary

The New Kosciuszko Foundation American English< - >Polish Dictionary applications for Android. and Windows 10 application on PCs were launched in May 2017.

Regretfully, the KF Dictionary is no longer available on Apple Mac and IOS platforms.

One of the largest American English <–> Polish dictionaries was created by the Kosciuszko Foundation, founded in 1925 to promote closer ties between Poland and the US through educational, scientific and cultural exchanges.

It is a new, digital version of the revised New Kosciuszko Foundation English-Polish, Polish-English Dictionary, published in two volumes in 2003.

As the result of long-time research and study, this dictionary includes:

  • 142,000 headwords

  • 109,000 idioms and phrases

  • 439,000 translations

  • a simplified guide to grammar and pronunciation in both languages

  • everyday expressions, technical terminology, literary language, and archaic vocabulary

  • tips on pronunciations for both languages

  • many SEARCH TOOLS: full text, search-as-you-type, search idiomatic expressions

  • LEARNING TOOLS: memory panel to save your favorite words, your recent list helps you review looked-up words

  • no Internet connection required after downloading the App

Every single part of this dictionary is thought through and designed to ease your learning process. All proceeds from the sale of the KF Dictionary will be used to further the Kosciuszko Foundation's educational and cultural programs and activities.


  • Will there be a separate charge for each computer on which the KF Dictionary will be installed or it could be installed on two separate PCs? 

Answer: It is for one device only. You have to purchase another license.

  • I received a promo code from you. How can I redeem it? 
Answer: Please visit our support page for instructions how to do it on different devices. The KF Dictionary promo code can be easily used followed by these instructions.