Call for Nominations

Dear Friends,

As we continue the work on the Collegium of Eminent Scientists of Polish Origin and Ancestry (CES), we do so in recognition of Dr. Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz as its founder and leader. We have lost an outstanding scientist, a devoted friend, and a Polish patriot. He leaves us with the responsibility to continue the work of the Collegium. So, let us follow his example and devote ourselves to communicating to the world the outstanding accomplishments of Polish scientists, from Copernicus and Maria Sklodowska Curie to today's leaders in advancing scientific knowledge.

Dr. Darzynkiewicz set out to create a prestigious organization of Polish scientists whose accomplishments deserve recognition. Membership is open to scientists in all fields of science but is limited to those who have been recognized for their achievements. The Collegium, as envisioned by Dr. Darzynkiewicz, exists to recognize significant accomplishments and discoveries by Polish scientists and to reveal those outstanding achievements to the world.

The Collegium now numbers 445 members, and it continues to grow. Included are Nobel Laureates and many leaders from all areas of science. Each year the Collegium recognizes individuals of outstanding accomplishment who present a lecture at the Kosciuszko Foundation headquarters in New York. These lectures are greatly appreciated by those attending, and they serve the goal of the Collegium to recognize the achievements of Polish scientists.

As we move forward, we will extend efforts to recognize and enroll accomplished Polish scientists who are not yet members. See the criteria for the nomination of new CES members (click HERE). We seek your help in expanding the ranks of eminent Polish scientists.

Before submitting a nomination, please consult the Outline of the CES program (click HERE) for more details and for the additional acceptance guidelines.

We urge you to share this information with any scientists who could suggest possible CES candidates. 

On behalf of the Collegium, I thank all our members and supporters and wish you continued success.

Hanna Chroboczek Kelker, Ph.D.

Chair, Committee of Eminent Scientists of Polish Origin and Ancestry


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