Credit Transfers

About Classes

Language classes are available at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin.  All language classes are taught in Polish. Previous knowledge of Polish is not required.  Students take a placement test before classes begin and are assigned to a beginner, intermediate or advanced group.   Language classes consist of approximately 5-8 students per classroom and include final exams. 

Lectures on Polish history, culture, literature are offered at both the Jagiellonian University and the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. 

Transcripts of Credit

Students may earn credit towards an undergraduate degree. Students must meet all course requirements and pass final exams in order to receive an official Transcript of Credit.  

A Transcript of Credit includes the name of the course, the number of hours of instruction, and a letter grade.  Language courses also include the proficiency level. Transcripts are mailed on or about September 15th. In the Polish educational system, 1 academic hour = 45 minutes.  Credit listed on transcripts are ECTS credits.

All language classes require attendance, classwork and include a final exam.  

To Apply for Credit

It is suggested that you talk to your academic advisor to determine whether the courses you wish to take can be used towards your degree requirements.  Your academic advisor will need information such as course descriptions, start and end dates of each course, the total number of hours of instruction and the number of credits available.  Details will be found on our  John Paul II Catholic University and Jagiellonian University pages. Please feel free to print the information, if necessary.  

A Credit Approval Form is found with application instructions on the JPII Catholic University and Jagiellonian University pages.  A KF Credit Approval Form is also found at the right side bar of this page --->  

Present your academic adviser with program dates and course descriptions for the classes you wish to take.  Last year's syllabus may be used as a reference guide for information on the host university's grading policy, levels of language instruction, and daily lecture topics. Ask your academic advisor to complete the bottom portion of the form.  For successful delivery of the transcript is it imperative that the address information is complete (name of the department/office, college mailbox number, mail stop or room number, city, state and zip code). 

All students who apply for a Transcript of Credit may request an official transcript and/or a student copy.   If you wish to receive an unofficial copy, be sure to include your home address in the top portion of the form.  

Please note that your home university may require you to complete its own  credit approval or authorization forms. 

Deadline date for Credit Aproval Forms: June 22nd

Application forms are found on JPII Catholic University and Jagiellonian University program description pages

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