Summer Study Abroad Eligibility - Who Can Apply?

Kosciuszko Foundation Summer Study Abroad programs are open to high school graduates who will be 18 years old by the first day of their chosen program.  College students, graduate students and adults who have an interest in studying Polish may also apply. Previous knowledge of the Polish language is not required.

All applicants who meet Summer Study Abroad eligibility criteria are accepted to participate in KF summer programs. Applicants who apply for KF scholarships to attend its summer study programs must meet additional eligibility requirements.   

How to Apply for a Summer Program

Students who wish to apply for KF programs must complete and submit the following materials *:

  • Summer Study Abroad application form
  • Rules and Regulations form
  • Health Form/Physician's Statement
  • $95 non-refundable registration fee
  • payment for the program of your choice
  • payment for optional items i.e., single room
  • 2 passport-size photos, if applying for programs in Lublin
  • 3  passport-size photos, if applying for Jagiellonian programs
  • Accommodation form, if applying for Jagiellonian programs. 

*Students who are applying for KF scholarships must follow instructions listed under the Tomaszkiewicz-Florio, Frances E. Wyszynski and Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship information pages.  

*If you do not have a passport number and proof of medical insurance at the time of application, you may forward it via e-mail to Addy@thekf.org through May 25th.

Send application materials and payment to:

Summer Study Abroad
Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc.
15 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065

Tel. (212) 734 - 2130 ext. 210
E-mail: Addy@thekf.org

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations with a full refund can be made through May 25th.  A $75 cancellation fee applies after May 25th. No refunds after the first day of the program.


April 17       - Deadline for Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarship.
May             - Deadline for Frances E. Wyszynski Scholaship
May             - Deadline for Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship
May 18        - Final day to apply for summer studies in Poland.
                        - Payment of all program fees are due.
May 25        - Health Form  
                       - Passport number
                       - Passport size photos
                       - Proof of medical insurance
                       - Rules and Regulations Form
                       - Accommodation Form (Jagiellonian applicants only) 
                       - Health Care Proxy (optional)
                       - Credit Approval Form (optional)
                       - Final day to cancel and receive a full refund.

Sept 15       Transcripts of Credit are mailed to students.


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