Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship Description

Through the generosity of a Polish American couple in Wisconsin, the Kosciuszko Foundation will offer two (2) Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarships at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow during Summer 2017.  Scholarship candidates may apply for Session A, a 4-week program or Session B, a 6-week program.  The scholarship covers the cost of program fees.  Previous knowledge of the Polish language is not required. 

Program fees include the cost of tuition, language textbooks, a shared room,  meals and complementary programs such as sightseeing.

Scholarship recipients will be responsible for their own transportation, health care coverage and all other costs.  

Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship Eligibility

In order to apply for a scholarship, the applicant must meet KF summer program eligibility requirements - see Eligibility.  In addition, the candidate must be a Wisconsin resident of Polish descent.  Consideration may also be given to non-resident Wisconsin students of Polish descent if attending a  Wisconsin college or university.  Candidate must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.  

To Apply for a Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship

Students who wish to apply for a scholarship must complete the Summer Study Abroad on-line application form and submit the following supporting materials:

  • a completed financial information form - please save file as "WSIP2017-Last name-First name-FIF" 
  • 3 passport size photos with your name printed on the reverse side - electronic photos will be accepted - please save file as "WSIP2017-Last name-First name-photo"
  • official transcript(s) for the past three years through Summer 2016
  • academic letters of reference from two teachers or professors submitted on university/school letterhead and may be sent via USPS or via e-mail to Addy@thekf.org
  • an essay/statement of purpose - please save file as "WSIPS2017-Last Name-Frist name-essay"
  • a $35 non-refundable scholarship application fee (check or money order made out to the Kosciuszko Foundation).

The essay/statement of purpose should be two pages, double spaced, printed on one side of the page only; and must include your full name, "WSIP - 2017" and a page number on each page of the essay. Please save your file as "WSIP2017-Last name-First name-essay.doc" .pdf and .docx files are also accepted. 

Complete the on-line application form and submit supporting materials to:

Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship
Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc.
15 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065

Or e-mail your supporting materials to:

If you have any questions,  please contact:
(212) 734-2130 ext. 210

Scholarship Decisions

Applicants will be informed of scholarship decisions via e-mail in May. Students who receive scholarship funding will be required to submit a $95 non-refundable registration fee as well as additional application materials such as Health Forms, Rules and Regulation forms, Accommodation form, a current valid passport number, proof of medical insurance.  Students may also submit a credit approval form and a Health Care Proxy form.  Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a two page report to the Kosciuszko Foundation after the program is completed.  The report will be forwarded to the scholarship donors.

Candidates who are not chosen to receive a scholarship may attend the program by notifying the KF Summer Sessions Office and sending in registration and program fees. Payment of program fees will be due 2 weeks after scholarship decisions are made on or by May 18th. 


April 17       - Deadline for Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarship
May             - Deadline for Frances E. Wyszynski Scholarship 
May             - Deadline for Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship 
May 18        - Final day to apply for summer studies in Poland.
                        - Payment of all program fees are due.
May 25        - Health Form  
                       - Passport number
                       - Passport size photos
                       - Proof of medical insurance
                       - Rules and Regulations Form
                       - Accommodation Form (Jagiellonian applicants only) 
                       - Health Care Proxy (optional)
                       - Credit Approval Form (optional)
                       - Final day to cancel and receive a full refund.

Sept 15       Transcripts of Credit are mailed to students.


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