Zalecze- Arts Enriched English Language Camp 2011

Over 100 Polish students from all regions of Poland attended the three- week session of the Kościuszko Foundation Arts Enriched English Language Camp held for the third time at the Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP) scouting facility" Nadwarciański Gród" located near the city of Wieluń in southwest Poland. Eleven teachers and thirteen teaching assistants from the United States volunteered their time and talents to teach classes in the fine and performing arts, conversation, and American sports to students ages 11-18. 

The older students ages 14-18, attended classes in clarinet, painting, drawing, conversation, and drama. The younger students ages 10-13,  built and learned to play the banjo thanks to a $3000 grant from the Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation, obtained by Dr. Mary Kay Pieski, Vice President of the Ohio Chapter of The Kościuszko Foundation. The younger students  also created their own pieces on Orff instruments purchased two years ago with grant monies from Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation. Drama and art classes were also offered daily to this age group.

All students benefited from baseball equipment supplied by the Polish National Youth Baseball Foundation and the new edition of Lacrosse equipment collected by Stu Simon, teaching assistant. A special thank you to Kościuszko Foundation Trustee, Mr. Al Koproski for securing the baseball equipment. In the afternoon the campers learned how to play American baseball, Lacrosse, and football as well as other recreational sports.

There were many special events and celebrations at the camp this year.  A play written by Jonathan Dick, was  performed by the American Staff on the Fourth of July followed by a bonfire complete with s'mores and sparklers.  The American staff hosted the Halloween party in the second week of camp.  All had fun in the haunted house and danced the night away at the disco.  The Polish students and staff prepared an assembly for the American staff with the theme " Polish traditions and customs". A special festival of Polish songs performed by the students and the staff concluded this special event.

The theme of this year's camp was "Tell Me Your Story Through Dance, Music, Drama, and Art."

The Art Expo, held on the evening before the final day of classes showcased the student's art work and projects which reflected the theme. Stop motion photography, paper collages inspired by the author and illustrator Eric Carle, bookmaking, and watercolor pieces were viewed by parents and community members.

The musical portion of the expo featured original works and repertoire learned in class. The students performed on banjo, guitar, and Orff instruments.

The younger students presented an adaptation of the story "The Rough- Face Girl" adapted from the short story by Rafe Martin under the direction of their teacher Dolly Parker and teaching assistant, Jonathan Dick.  The older students created a piece called "Camp Suite: Original Theatrical Interpretations of Camp Life" under the direction of Tom Rusnak and assistant, Pauline Critch Gillifan. The Finale included a special rendition of the song "Candle on the Water"  featuring  Magdalena Marczak, vocal soloist and several clarinet students under the direction of Dr. Patricia Grutzmacher from Kent State University and Melody Rentschler, teaching assistant from Marywood University. 

 In addition to their regular schedule, several teachers and teaching assistants offered special classes to the 25 children from the flooded regions of Poland who came to the camp for vacation. The American staff met with the Vice Marsall of Łódź who visited the camp and the children affected by the flood.

In the fourth week, the American staff enjoyed visiting many of the cultural and historical sites in Poland, a gift from our Polish hosts.  

A special thank you to The Kościuszko Foundation of New York, ZHP Scouts, and the NIDA Foundation of Poland who sponsored the camp. The Teaching English in Poland Program is also supported by UNESCO of Poland.

Thank you to Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation, Central Instrument Company of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, The Cleveland Society of Poles, Broadway in Chicago, and the Philadelphia Chapter of The Kosciuszko Foundation for their support.

All of the shipping expenses for supplies and educational materials was covered by The Ohio Chapter of The Kościuszko Foundation.

A special thank you is extended to Pani Krystyna Mikita, Director and to her staff at" Nadwarciański Gród."  Thank you to all the volunteer teachers and teaching assistants from the United States and to the Polish counselors. 

Please enjoy the video of the 2011 Arts Enriched English Language Camp. 

Arts Enriched English Camp 2011

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