Goals and Objectives of TEIP

The goals of the Kosciuszko Foundation Teaching English in Poland Program are educational and cultural in nature. They support the philosophy and the rationale of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO in the formation of summer language immersion camps for Polish students. The Kosciuszko Foundation's TEACHING ENGLISH IN POLAND PROGRAM goals are:

  1. To provide Polish students with English language experiences within    an American cultural context.
  2. To refine and to expand the listening and conversational skills of Polish students in the English language.
  3. To enable the students to develop self-confidence in their use of conversational English
  4. To familiarize Polish students with various aspects of American life and culture.
  5. To introduce American teachers and teaching assistants to the culture, history, traditions, and people of Poland so their knowledge and impressions will be shared with their colleagues, students, families, friends, and communities in the United States
  6. To enable Polish educators to observe American teaching methods a       to network with American counterparts.

The primary emphasis of the program will be to focus on the students' listening and conversational skills in the English language. Reading and writing skills will be addressed and encouraged only when applicable.

It is not the intention of the program to Americanize students nor to proselytize political or religious concepts and views. Respect for the culture, traditions, and educational standards of Poland must be maintained. Familiarizing the Polish  students with American culture should enable them to converse comfortable and intelligently on a variety of of American topics.   

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