Testimonials from Polish students

Aga Kopec

"Going to that language camp in Krakow was the best decision I made. Not only did I have a whale of time while practicing my English skills but also met a bunch of amazing people that unchangingly are my best friend....even though it was 7 years ago. The camp in Krakow was a milestone for many of us. Personally, I decided to pursue a career in English and did my M.A. in English philology. By the end of May I will be a professional translator. For the time being, I am working in analysis, critical thinking and AML-related stuff. Cannot wait to see some of the people this summer again...as we organize reunions once in a while.  Hugs from Poland."

Joanna Socha

"The camp in Cracow in 2009 was one of the best experiences in my high school. I really enjoyed meeting people from all over Poland and from the US, I became fascinated in English language and it helped me to realize that I can do a lot of great things if I work hard enough. I still keep in touch with many students from the camp and my best friend is from the camp. I also keep in touch with some of the great American teachers from the Cracow camp, who not only turned out to be great teachers, but also great mentors in life. I am now graduating from the Columbia Journalism School in New York City and I really believe that the camp in Cracow was one of the steps to achieve my goal and make my dreams come true. The camp really changed my life."

Wiktoria Plocha

Hello everyone! My name is Wiktoria and I've been to Zalecze four times so far. This year is the last one for me to attend the camp as I'm turning 18 in February 2015.

To begin with, I'd like to thank the Kosciuszko Foundation for the idea of such a wonderful camp. I've learned there a lot, become more self-confident, outgoing and what is more, I've learned to overcome my stage fear. I used to be very shy , honestly,  I was afraid of speaking English. Now I'm not and my teachers say that I am a very talkative and communicative person J. Thanks to the Kosciuszko Foundation my English is much better than it used to be (I hope;-)  This year I'm going to pass the FCE exam, which will help me in my future career.

I think, that I have to thank my mom too, because she found this camp for me five years ago. In the beginning, I didn't want to go there, honestly, because as I said, I was afraid of speaking English all the time. But now I know, that was the best thing I could do – to go to Zalecze and take part in the camp. I met there a lot of great people with different hobbies, I took part in banjo and clarinet classes, I learned a lot about American culture, celebrations and that Americans are such great, charismatic and optimistic people. That's why I love this camp and the Kosciuszko Foundation. Those weren't just boring English classes, those were the classes, where we not only learned the language but we also learned how to be creative, open-minded and a lot more.

To sum up, the Kosciuszko Foundation gives young Polish people a great opportunity to meet American culture without having to go to the USA. And vice versa:  the Americans of Polish origin can learn something about the land of their ancestors.     



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